All that´s left

The upcoming dynamic ultra skirmish rules by hf wargaming.
A Zombie is wandering through the ruins of Berlin.

All that´s left is a fast paced ultra skirmish game in a world full of courage, will to survive, hope for alien technology and Zombies. Can you stand the pressure and secure your future?

The game is characterized by easy to learn but hard to master mechanics. You will play a small squad of soldiers or survivors, compete against your friends as well as against the game. Your matches will be driven by the competition for the main objective, but you have to secure some side objectives as well. And you never know which side objective your enemy is aiming for. All that is paired with awesome mechanics making your matches high dynamic and exciting from beginning to the end.

And don´t forget to watch the zombies and the escalation counter. Otherwise both of you will lose. Nobody said it´s easy to survive.

All that´s left is going to be released later in 2020. You can test it on selected conventions in Germany.

High quality miniatures paired with a fast paced game is the perfect plan for a perfect evening